Governance Token of the CVI Platform

Introduction to $GOVI Token

CVI, as a decentralized and open-source protocol, integrates a governance model that empowers its community. Central to this model is the $GOVI token, an ERC-20 token designed to facilitate decentralized governance and engagement within the CVI ecosystem.

Characteristics of $GOVI Token

The $GOVI token enables holders to participate in the decision-making processes, influencing the development and direction of the CVI network. Adhering to the ERC-20 standard ensures compatibility with the broad Ethereum ecosystem, fostering accessibility and interoperability.

Supply, Distribution, and Allocation of $GOVI

  • Fair Launch Principles: CVI champions a fair launch approach, without pre-mined tokens, private sales, or allocations to venture capitalists and whales. This philosophy ensures equal footing for all participants from the outset.

  • Total Supply Cap: The total supply of $GOVI is fixed at 32 million tokens, with mechanisms in place to prevent any additional minting.

  • Initial Distribution: The initial allocation of $GOVI was via an airdrop to COTI native holders and liquidity providers in COTI-ETH pools on Uniswap, aligning with the platform's equitable distribution ethos.

Availability and Accessibility of $GOVI

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): $GOVI is accessible on various DEXs, including Uniswap on the Ethereum network, Sushiswap on Arbitrum, and Syncswap on zkSync, ensuring wide availability for decentralized trading.

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEXs): For users preferring centralized platforms, $GOVI is also listed on CEXs like Gate.io, broadening its reach and accessibility.

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