Platform Fees

Transaction Fees for Opening and Closing Positions

Within the CVI and UCVI platforms, traders incur a fixed fee for each transaction, applicable to both opening and closing positions. The heightened fees for UCVI reflect its amplified profit potential, as UCVI grants roughly threefold the exposure compared to CVI. These transaction fees are instrumental in generating real yield for GOVI stakers.

  • CVI Open Fee: 0.14%

  • UCVI Open Fee: 0.35%

  • CVI Close Fee: 0.14%

  • UCVI Close Fee: 0.35%

Funding Fee Dynamics

Funding fees, calculated hourly based on the CVI Index value, are allocated to Theta Vault liquidity providers. A noteworthy aspect of this mechanism is the inverse correlation between the CVI value and the funding fee percentage; a higher CVI value corresponds to a lower funding fee percentage. Adjustments to the funding fee rate are responsive to CVI Index value fluctuations and the utilization ratio.

Buy Premium Fee Structure

To strike a harmonious balance between the interests of traders and Theta Vault liquidity providers, we've instituted a buy premium fee model. This approach not only aligns with our goal of maintaining a balanced ecosystem but also enables an additional yield source for the Theta Vault LPs.

For CVI:

  • 0-10% Utilization: 0% premium

  • 10%-20% Utilization: 0.3% premium

  • >20% Utilization: 0.5% premium


  • 0-10% Utilization: 0% premium

  • 10%-20% Utilization: 0.75% premium

  • >20% Utilization: 1.25% premium

Withdrawal Fee for Theta Vault

In addition to the structured transaction and premium fees, a withdrawal fee of 0.1% is applied to all withdrawals from the Theta Vault. This fee is an essential component of our strategy to encourage long-term liquidity provision within the vault, thereby ensuring a stable and efficient ecosystem for our users.

These fee structures are meticulously designed to promote a sustainable trading environment, rewarding both active traders and passive income seekers within our ecosystem.

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